My breastfeeding Journey, part II

I have mentioned before that my firstborn, who was also exclusively breastfed for first 13 months of her life, is never sick. If she has fever, it’s usually low grade and never lasts more than couple of days (why am I thinking “don’t jinx is” as I’m typing this, eek). So, when I ended up […]

Pink’s Documentary (Prime video)

This is probably most impactful documentary I watched recently (even though everything that comes out Michelle Obama’s mouth is golden and makes me proud I am a woman). Only someone who is a parent can relate to this. I’ll tell you why. Before becoming a parent when my coworker’s kid was sick third month in […]

Super easy and healthy muffins for kids

Besides the fact that these are baked in a muffin ti, they really don’t have that much in common with muffins. But kids don’t have to know that! This is actually 2-in-1 meal suggestion. First, they will feed them in the morning and the leftovers will make a base ingredient for dinner. So what is […]

Mom’s early days – Australia

Can you give birth at home? That is very common, but I opted for the hospital. Can you choose not to take medication? Are there any alternatives birthing options? Yes, in addition to standard options, there is gas and TENS machine (you can use it all the time through delivery or just to certain point). […]

The Bucket Book – short review

Every Wednesday, my Kindergartner goes to a library. They are allowed to take 2 books each. Usually she takes Pete The Cat or Pinkalicious, but here and there, she surprises me. This time, she took “How full is your bucket? For kids“. Concept is super simple – we all have imaginary buckets, floating over our heads. […]

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