Pink’s Documentary (Prime video)

This is probably most impactful documentary I watched recently (even though everything that comes out Michelle Obama’s mouth is golden and makes me proud I am a woman). Only someone who is a parent can relate to this. I’ll tell you why.

Before becoming a parent when my coworker’s kid was sick third month in a row, I was kind of thinking “come on!” Yes, I am fully ashamed to admit this. But I really think a lot of people without kids silently judge parents. And I am still unsure if I care about that. Meaning, do I care if they think I use kids as an excuse (which for me is against my moral code, as if I’m going to jinx something if I do so). And when I say care, I really mean care to my core in a way it could impact my mood.

Then, Pink enters my world’s stage. With her kid’s summer camp in the middle of Europe tour and other kid’s fever before a big concert. And all the toys and kids’ moods. I 100% relate to the mundane part her life. On top of that, she finds strength to go to stage, to rehearse for  hours and still be awaken in the middle of the night because kid is sick or just wants to cuddle with mommy? Yes Queen, YES!!!!!

I sometimes don’t have life in me to wash my hair, let alone style it. But she does it all, in the public eye. And she does it so fabulously. At any moment did I think “this is BS” or “yeah right”. I was filled with such a pride and joy. I did cry (but had to explain to my daughter that those are happy tears). For me, this was documentary about chasing your dreams after having kids. After not having time to have beauty sleep or hit the gym with the same intensity as you used to have.

I am all about “women belong on top” and women should not be threatened by other women. There is place for all of us. Once men move over a bit (more). But we will work hard and remain fabulous. We belong on the top. And in my eyes, Pink is very much still on the top.

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