Rebel Women

My Daughter got as a present “Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls” book for Christmas. This is by far her (and mine!) favorite gift. It became our mini tradition to read it every night when we go to bed. One after another rule breaker. Despite how long they lived, ¬†they made sure they lived by their own rules. And more importantly, the rules that they broke where the ones that we meant to be broken. There is nothing I want my Girl to know better than that.

My parents had two girls that were almost never limited by anything or anyone. However, I am getting this extra boost of encouragement to aim higher. Not just for my Girl, but for myself too.

My daughter came one day from library with a great book, “Grace for President” and I am convinced she was inspired with all amazing women we read about in Rebel girls!

We have to know the rules so well, understand which ones help us and which ones make no sense in order to make a change and make this world a better place for ourselves and our kids.

As a Balkan woman, I have set a goal for myself to find inspiring stories about bada** women who live(d) in my part of the world.

I want to note here that being a martyr was a golden standard for women for very long time. (After all, we weren’t supposed run the world just give life to men who might, right?) Even though some of them are (or were) accomplished, I do not want to celebrate that. Woman who lives by her own rules is more accomplished than someone with lots of achievements but who was miserable and not willing to leave the shadow. Just my perspective.

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