Roksanda Ilincic

Once, there was a woman who was smart, creative and knew no boundaries. She studied architecture and design at the School of Applied Arts at University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. After graduating, she moved to London, England, to study at Central Saint Martins, where she earned her master’s degree in Womenswear.

Roksanda founded her own fashion label that was called like her, simply ROKSANDA. Naming a fashion label after herself, especially with such uncommon name that British people were not used to, she made it work with lots of passion, confidence and talent. Her creations have been worn by many famous women, like Michelle Obama.

She is married and has daughter, who are also part of her endless inspiration. Once, since her daughter played with Legos a lot, she created kids collection.

There are a lot of articles about Roksanda and her work, but this one shares a lot of great quotes by her –

With a fully established and authentic aesthetic comes the freedom to explore. Since first showing at London Fashion Week in 2005, Ilinčić has since partnered with Fila and Barbour as well designing the first NFT dress available to purchase in GBP. Whilst some designers may be fearful of avatar clothing, Ilinčić saw it as “an opportunity to experience something in a totally different world through Artificial Intelligence. It’s fascinating to do something at the very beginning, to not know where it’s going to go, how far it’s going to go. I really wanted to be one of the first people to try.”


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