Brain Quest

We LOVE brain quest!

We love it so much that it has become my kid’s and my favorite activity before going to bed. It comes 2 per package, and each is designated for a separate age group. More particularly, each page has questions that are divided into categories:

  • Reading
  • Math
  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • Miscellany

We got first when my daughter was pre-K and she loved it. One after the other, we are now on Age 6-7 (1st grade). Example of questions:

  • My home is a hive and my name rhymes with a “tree”. What am I? (Reading)
  • If I have 10 tiny turtles and 8 big elephants, which do I have more of? (Math)
  • Which comes first in alphabetical order: monkey, lion or panther? (Language Arts)
  • Name the four directions on a compass. (Social Studies)
  • Which juicy summer fruit is red on the inside and green on the outside? (Misc) 

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