Roksanda Ilincic

Once, there was a woman who was smart, creative and knew no boundaries. She studied architecture and design at the School of Applied Arts at University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. After graduating, she moved to London, England, to study at Central Saint Martins, where she earned her master’s degree in Womenswear. Roksanda founded her […]

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

My Daughter got as a present “Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls” book for Christmas. This is by far her (and mine!) favorite gift. It became our mini tradition to read it every night when we go to bed. One after another rule breaker. Despite how long they lived,  they made sure they lived by […]

Milunka Savic

Even though Wikipedia claims inspiration for Disney movie Mulan was Chinese folk story, real-life Mulan lived on Balkan. Milunka was born 1892 or 1888 (I am biased towards the latter, since that would make us exactly 100 years apart) in Serbia. Her brother was supposed to join the army, but he fell sick. Nothing uncommon […]

Hidden Pictures – Activity Book

This is supposed to be for kids, but I am not going to lie to you.. my husband and I LOVE it too!!! Yet another favorite activity in our family. I don’t think this content requires any more explanation, but I just wanted to use this opportunity to give it 5/5 virtual stars. There are […]

Brain Quest

We LOVE brain quest! We love it so much that it has become my kid’s and my favorite activity before going to bed. It comes 2 per package, and each is designated for a separate age group. More particularly, each page has questions that are divided into categories: Reading Math Language Arts Science Miscellany We […]

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