The Bucket Book – short review

Every Wednesday, my Kindergartner goes to a library. They are allowed to take 2 books each. Usually she takes Pete The Cat or Pinkalicious, but here and there, she surprises me. This time, she took “How full is your bucket? For kids“.

Concept is super simple – we all have imaginary buckets, floating over our heads. Next, if someone’s bucket is full, they are happy. If bucket is empty, we easily get angry or mad. Bucket gets filled if we (1) do something nice for someone or (2) someone does something nice for us. So simple! My kid related to this so naturally. And since kids are little humans with huge feelings, equipping them with tools that can help them describe how are they feeling or, even better, why they feel that way, is super important and helpful.

Examples in this book were also very relatable. All in all, I can’t recommend this book enough!

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