Most Impactful Book you recently read to your child

Our daughter is having issues sharing her things and showing respectful behavior to her peers. I should add that is directly related to 2 things: (1) her getting a baby brother when she was 4 and (2) her strong urge to be right and to be acting parent. She also is very strong willed.

Reasoning why I explicitly wrote her age is simple – I feel like that is very awkward age to get a sibling. Let me clarify that.

  • Psychologist claim that kids that get a sibling at the age of 6 are considered pseudo single children.
  • Kids that are 1 when new baby arrives are called Irish twins and
    • In general, kids that are around 2 when they become older brother/sister really don’t remember life without their younger sibling.

But what about 4 year olds? They definitely enjoyed all the attention of both parents for long enough to know what that feels like BUT are too young to explain to them that helpless baby didn’t arrive to take mommy, it simply needs her to survive. This is my reality. Every single day.

So, I invested into some books about kindness and being respectful and being kind. And all the topic around that general sentiment. “Help me be good” series that was written some time in the 1980s is absolutely amazing. Main reason why I feel that way is because it explains through simple scenarios.

I found 2 books from this series in a local thrift store (i.e. Book about being selfish and Book about teasing). The best part, when a situation when she is being selfish happens (and it happens regularly), I just quote Sam, Katie and Tammy (characters from the book) and this resonates with her really well.

I am super curious if there are titles that you really liked and more importantly, that your little one seemed to really listen to?

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