Make the most out of your kids’ TV watching

The fact that our kids are watching TV is pretty much inevitable in 21st century. I know it, you know it and we all know it. What if I told you that there is a mom who contemplated on how to make the most out of TV watching?

I feel I may have figured this one out.  Emphasis on “may have”, because everything I THINK I KNOW my kid(s) prove me wrong. And I only have sample size of 2. Pretty sure that even if I had 9 kids, 10th would probably be different. We are all different and that is beauty of our world.

Back to the tv. PBS kids app is free and can be installed on any smart device. Pretty sure you don’t need to have a provider to watch the content. My personal favorite is Molly of Denali, but that is not topic of this post. The shows are so beautiful and educational! Of course, you will have to overlook some issues (for example, in Elinor Wonders Why a bat, an elephant and a rabbit are SAME size besties who, at the same time, are trying to be scientifically accurate about other animal species), but other than that, you will enjoy them so much! I know I do.

Back to the “I might have figured it out” part. Drumroll – it deciding to watch the shows with your kid. Disclaimer, in my experience, this refers to 4+ kids. If you pause occasionally and discuss with your kid what you’ve just watched, you will be able to:

  • see what makes the biggest impression on your kid and you can (try to) find out why,
  •  make the emphasis when your kid misses the point,
  • this entire “cartoon watching” becomes “your thing” and something you two share, and finally
  • they will interact way more with you, will open up about similar situations that happened in school (that otherwise they wouldn’t share – not because it is a secret, but because their busy mind doesn’t know how to properly process it and spill it out in form of sentences).
  • BONUS – you learn how crappy same cartoons are, in spite of having uber cute puppies in them (cough Paw Patrol cough).

What do you have to lose? Browsing on your phone? Then there is really nothing to lose. When they go to sleep, you’ll have more than enough time. Even more importantly, once your child has their own smart phone, they will fall in the same trap and will prefer it over talking to you. Every time is so precious and build that relationship TODAY.

Additionally I want to emphasize that the point is not to control your kid, just make the most out of this time. We come home at 5 and I really want to find a way to be part of her building her values.

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